Splash & Grab Issue #3

Who do you think you are?

Issue 3 of Splash & Grab explores how we define ourselves in a precarious world. The magazine includes two pieces of text I wrote. The first, ‘Broken With Sunshine’ is about Sander Marsman’s ‘Dianna: Every Day Is Dressed Up.’

“Dianna was born in 1935 as Léonard. For 55 years she lived her life daily as a man, but privately dressed herself as Dianna, making only occasional appearances as a woman… One of the most obvious purposes of photography is its evidential capacity, but the underside of the photograph as evidence bearer is its role as guardian of secrets. Dianna’s photographs act as both, they have a double life of their own.”


Secondly I wrote about Christopher Bethell’s ‘The Duke of Earl’, a complex photographic story about Bethell’s search for personal identity through unveiling his deceased grandfather’s life in America.

“Through the photographs we see [Bethell’s] journey as a pendulum that swayed vigorously between fiction and reality, or containment and escape, eventually resting in subtle vibration at Joey’s grave.”


Splash & Grab Issue 3 is available from the S&G website.